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Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange
Dallas Texas Jewelry
Jewelry Dallas Texas

Store Locations

 I-35E & Royal Lane 
  (972) 488-GOLD 

  Hwy 183 & 157 
  (817) 545-GOLD 

Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30 Sunday Closed
Monday - Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday Closed
Jewelry Dallas Texas

Are you looking to make some quick cash? Now is the right time while gold is trading at record highs to sell your gold, jewelry, diamonds and coins.
Dallas Texas Jewelry
Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items do you buy?   

We purchase all types of precious metal jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, gold, silver, platinum....practically anything that has value.

How do you decide how much something is worth?  

There are many factors involved in deciding value - Supply and Demand, Price of Gold, intrinsic Value, Retail Value, Condition of the Product, the best way is to get an free estimate from us by coming into one of our two convenient jewelry store locations.

How long does it take to do repairs?

We do all our repairs in-house and we can usually turn it around in one day.  We also have rush jobs available.

Do you resize rings? 

Yes! We resize our rings in-house and can get it back to you very quickly.

Do you do jewelry cleaning?  

Yes!  We never charge to clean your jewelry whether you purchased it from us or another jewelry store.  It's just one of the ways we provide great customer service to our clients and potential clients.

How do you know which diamond to choose?

There are many factors when choosing a diamond.  We call it the 4Cs which stands for Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat.  You can watch a 4Cs Video and get a good idea of what is involved.

Are you associated with Dallas Gold and Silver?

No, we are not associated with any large corporate exchange.  We are privately owned and operated and not governed by any outside agency.  We are able to do things that the larger conglomerates are not able to do, because we can focus more on the clients needs rather than the bottom line.